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F. Jay Seegmiller
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Introducing The CHAMP Plan (TM) through Champion Health, Inc.
• A company saves on average over $500 per employee annually (or over $40 per employee per month)
with zero net cost
• Does not replace, compete, or interfere with your primary health insurance
• Offer employees the most innovative & Interactive Wellbeing Management Program
• Improve employee engagement, productivity, health, and job satisfaction

What the CHAMP Plan (TM) provides your employees


  • Primary Care Doctor/ Urgent Care Visits for employee
  • 100% Preventative Care $0 Copay for employee
  • Personal Health Dashboard
  • Personal Health Improvement Plan
  • Zero Deductible - Zero Copay

Additional Zero Deductable -Zero Copay Plan Benefits for employee and family

  • Unlimited Virtual primary care and mental health services 24/7 365 days a year
  • Virtual Veterinary care - for cats and dogs
  • Zero Deductible - Zero Copay

Finally, a plan that focuses on improving your physical as well as financial wellbeing!

The CHAMP Plan (TM) is a revolutionary health care solution that is designed to compliment any health insurance plan while giving you additional benefits at zero-net cost.

No Copay. No Deductibles. No Coinsurance.

Your company will see a net savings for each employee. Your employee will receive extra benefits as well as an
increase in their net-take home pay.

The CHAMP Plan (TM) is specifically designed to be great for your company while also being great for your employees.