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Last Attended BRG: February 05, 2019
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Curt Van Hove
8967 Altair Dr
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  • We are energy consultants. We sell and install solar systems for Commercial, Industrial and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • We are the only solar company that can provide solar systems to non profit companies. We have ways that they can enjoy the same benefits of financing and price reductions as the For Profit companies.
  • Every business loses some of it electricity even though they pay for it. We work with you to recover that electricity and we will, also, show you how to reduce your electricity cost. All before we even give you a proposal for a solar system.
  • A good referral for me is any entity that wants to save money by locking in their power rates now because they know that power rates will be going up over 43% in the next 10 years and they have the desire to help the environment.


  • I am your Representative/Agent not a Salesman. I will always be your 1st contact even after the install is completed. You become part of my customer “family”. 
  • You own the entire solar panel system..
  • We are Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau
  • There are no out of pocket or upfront costs at all. 
  • We work with your power company by using Net Metering.
  • Businesses can get up to $50,000 in Utah Tax Credit and a 30% Federal Tax Credit. In addition, they can write off the remainder over a 5 year period (Up to 60% the first year alone)
  • We can put panels on carports in your parking lot if your roof isn't large enough for them
  • You can see our work at Rio Tinto Statium and the U of U Law School. 
  • So call me today to see what we can do for your business. You will be happy you did! We can beat anyone on pricing, service and quality and our work is guarenteed.