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Last Attended TLC: February 23, 2021
Profile Last Updated: September 07, 2020

I work with Trades building a strong foundation, so they can go make money.

Leesa Myers
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Only Half of All Small Businesses Survive More Than 5 Years.


Hi my name is Leesa Myers, The Business Owners Advocate

I remember when I first started my business, I was lost in the weeds, I did not know up from down, I did not want to fail and disappoint everyone. I felt overwhelmed and alone.  I did not have a clear path.

Through years of costly mistakes, mentors and several business classes, I found a plan that worked and then Wow! All of a sudden I had clarity, I knew how to move forward and the excitement I had about running a business was back.

I work with the Trade Industry to build a strong foundation, so they can go make money and be successful.

Together we will create a customized solution for your business that is easy to implement and cost effective.

I am Leesa Myers, The Business Owners Advocate; let’s avoid pitfalls and break records with integrity and excellence together.