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Tell Your Story with the TV Good News Guy - Doug Jessop

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Hi, this is Doug Jessop. I'm know as "The TV Good News Guy", "The guy that wears hats on TV" and to the grandkids as "Silly Grandpa" or "Gramps."

My weekly TV show, Jessop's Journal, is a "30-minute collection of Powerful, Positive and Inspirational Stories" that airs Sunday mornings at 10 on ABC4 TV and at 

Depending on the time of the year, I'm the "TV Garden Guy" that airs Thursdays and Fridays during Fresh Living on KUTV 2, KCSG 13, KJZZ14; Good Things Utah on ABC4; Studio 5 on KSL 5 as well as The Place on Fox 13.  You will also occasionally see me during the late news on KUTV2, ABC 4, KSL 5, FOX 13, KJZZ 14 and CW 30 with positive 1-minute business profiles. Mike Agrelius is my booking agent for these TV projects. Get together with him for your ideas.

The last words my Gramps said on this Earth were "Please Remember Me." That is the impetus for a passion project called "Family Heritage Stories." I'm opening up my schedule for a limited number of in-studio interviews on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. 

Here's how it works... everyone has a story. I want to help people pass those stories on with a relaxed chat, up to 1-hour, in the same studio I do my TV show. Why in-studio? Being in-studio reduces distractions and ensures the highest quality standards. We already have the professional lighting and audio set up. We use three (3) broadcast quality cameras so you don't worry about where to look. You just come to the studio and we do the rest. The same editing crew that does my TV show will take out the bloopers and add in your photos. You get a digital copy of the finished video story for you to keep and share as you like. 

I would love to have a 1-on-1 in-studio interview with you and help you share your story - be it for a family heritage story or for an extend business profile. Go to for details and to schedule your interview.