Darcy B. Renna

Last Attended TLC: February 23, 2021
Profile Last Updated: January 26, 2021

Darcy Renna
1243 E. Brickyard Rd., Apt 131
Salt Lake City
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Sales Training


Business Description:

Darcy Renna has over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries – steel, advertising and healthcare labels.  She recently moved cross country from Western New York to Salt Lake City, Utah, calling it a “pure adventure.”  She has fallen in love with Salt Lake City and knew instantly that this is her forever home.  An early stint learning to sell steel helped prepare her with critical skills to thrive in the advertising sales management field including yellow pages, direct mail, website and search engine marketing for over 15 years. Inspired by the impact of positive thinking in her own life, she decided to set up a business coaching corporate and individual clients to create positive change in their lives by changing their thinking habits. Most recently, she managed a customer service team providing products to support the healthcare industry. She is available to discuss new career opportunities in the SLC area. Darcy loves the outdoors and is a seeker of new knowledge and ways to do things differently.