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Last Attended BRG: August 06, 2019
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I can show any business in 45 minutes how to triple their leads, double their sales and find an additional $30,000-$50,000 in annual revenue without spending a cent on advertising. Ask me to show you how?

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Hey Annette Pieper here also known as the Badass Business Chick!  I'm a Business Results Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer. I help you step into your vision of success. I love to show small business owners how to grow a badass business, make badass money (profits) and create a huge impact.

Together we work on the inner game of business (mindset) and the outer game of business (strategy) to create the perfect growth path for your enterprise or in other words BADASS YOUR BUSINESS.

I am the author of the upcoming book Conquer Success Mountain Like A Badass and co-author of the bestselling book Step Into Your Vision. I have helped thousands of people around the globe to create profitable businesses so that they can live the lifestyle they truly desire. 

I also do mindset, business growth, sales, leadership and performance training for teams. My powerful training programs and coaching style propel those who experience my work into peak performance levels of achievement and greater life satisfaction.

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